Taking any type of training or education is an investment both in time and money. It is therefore important to choose your training wisely to ensure that it will provide you with the credentials, education and knowledge needed to get started in the career of your dreams. For those interested in the housing and lending field finding a great career starts with taking mortgage broker training.

Mortgage broker training

Mortgage broker training, first and foremost, provides you with the state specific training that you need to meet all licensing requirements within that state. It is essential to work with a training organization that is state specific as each state sets individual standards as to what is required for those new to the industry. The licensing board will also determine what is required for continuing education and how many hours of coursework are required per year to stay in good standing.

Once you have your mortgage broker training completed you will often be required to have some type of work experience before being fully licensed. This is a great opportunity to work with an established company and under a licensed mortgage broker or another professional in the industry. Not only will this provide you with practical experience but you may also find that you are particularly interested in one niche or area of specialization.

Understanding Mortgage

Traditionally a mortgage broker works with both the buyer and lenders to try to make the best possible match. It requires a complete understanding of mortgages, options and finances to ensure that both the lender and the borrower walk away with a loan that is practical, affordable and appropriate. Knowing the different mortgage options and having a true ability to communicate complicated information to consumers is essential as a mortgage broker. This is both an art and a science and may lead you to find specialized areas in working with different sectors of the community or in commercial or residential mortgages and loans.

Acquire relevant information

Depending on the state in which you train and plan to work, you may also be eligible for mortgage broker training to become a loan broker or loan originator. A loan broker, also known as a financial broker, can make a wider range of loans for consumers using the same techniques as a mortgage broker. The loan broker obtains the relevant information from the potential borrower and then, knowing the loan products available, attempts to match a lender with the borrower. Most states require that additional training is completed,but this can add to the range of services that you offer to clients and will allow you to work with more lending and financial institutes.

There may be other options that mortgage broker training provides based on your particular area of interest. Working with consumers to understand loan programs through education, community based nonprofits or financial services are all examples of how the training can expand career options. Individuals with this type of training may also be able to move into banking or sales and marketing, particularly in the real estate industry. Any work with credit counseling or credit management is often a very good fit for a professional with both training and experience as a mortgage broker.


A professional that has completed mortgage broker training has a range of possible career paths to choose from. In this constantly evolving and highly interesting field, there are always new products, services and options to research and learn about to help customers and to expand the services you provide to your clients.